(Spencer and Aria's house)Edit

(Aria knocks on Spencer door)

Spencer:hey Aria

Aria:hey Spencer what you doing

Spencer:I'm trying online dating


Spencer:Because I want to have a boyfriend i havent had a boyfriend since junior year in high school


Spencer:okay so why are you in my room

Aria:Can I have some money?

Spencer:Arggh here take this(gives 30 dollars)

Aria:thank you I'll pay you back next saturday bye


Emily's houseEdit

Emily:Paige do you want something to drink

Paige:No I'm not thirsty


(Emily sit down next to Paige)

Paige:Um Em about our---

Emily:Paige let's not talk about that

Paige:Emily I want to be your girlfriend

Emily:No look I have a boyfriend 

Paige:If you have a boyfriend then why you kiss me

Emily:what--I didnt kiss you you kiss me!

Paige:No you kiss me!

Emily:Paige get out of my house now I dont want to see you anymore!



(Paige slams door)

La'fay RestaurantEdit

(Caleb and Hanna laughing)

Hanna:remember our first date at your house

Caleb:I remember after we was done eating me and you had went to a bar and got drunk 

Hanna:yeah our first date was fun


(Caleb and Hanna kiss)

Hanna:wanna stay at my house


(They hold hands as they leave the restaurant)


It's not over